Untwine, Untwist, Undo

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Featuring Karolina @ Leni's
Set by Loo Loo Rose
Styling by Danielle Goodman
Hair and make-up by Shamirah Sairally
Wigs by Catriona Wallace

Lady Vanadis by Jay Briggs

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Jay Briggs' Lady Vanadis collection for Hunger Magazine.

Featuring Skye Victoria
All millenary & styling by Jay Briggs
Body paint and make-up by Shamirah Sairally


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Collaboration with Prangsta Costumiers for SYN Magazine.

Featuring Chloe Johnson
Hair and make-up by Ivory Bella
All clothing/styling by Prangsta Costumiers

The Botanist's Widow

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The Botanist's Widow, a sequence of three: I. in mourning II. in ceremony III. in spell-cast.

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Jeanne, in and around her home in Paris.

Studies of Rehabilitation


During a state of rehabilitation, a cerebral clinic; flexing fire in in my wingtips, (black, blue and orange all at once).

Mother Nightingale narrates me, she says that patients are conditioned only to be sick.

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My muse and sister, Sophia, around her home in Leipzig.



Medicines are best administered as nectars from carriers of the Forest Mother. Her flora and fauna, fire and water, gather to your bedside and seep their remedial honeys in theatre-like synchronicity.

Blackbird feeds patients as if they were her young.

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Luna in my home.